High Volume Audio Production Toolset

Our high volume audio production toolset orchestrates and automates audio production pipelines, reducing latency and improving insight into your production processes. An intuitive drill-down UI provides visibility into every step of your production pipeline starting from your editorial calendar and going down through raw data collection activity. A robust set of triggers can be configured to automatically publish your final product to many content delivery networks and hosting platforms.

This toolset is designed to facilitate reliable, reproducible content production pipelines for high volume content producers. Each processing step comes configured with customizable defaults allowing entire chains to be optimized for their operating environment whether deployed in the cloud or on premises.


Consistent, Reliable, Sustainable

Workflow automation is a key part of any sustainable project. Our solutions automate workflows and tedious processes in both the cyber and physical world. We build and deploy new systems when necessary, and we are experts in integrating myriad existing web services to produce turnkey, always-on systems, that deliver continuous competitive advantage.

All of our solutions are complemented by a full suite of analytics that provides on-demand detail about every link in the process chain. Our products drive performance to a new level with improved consistency, reliability, and sustainability.

Fleet and crew management, audio engineering/production, social media intelligence, and construction/industrial management systems are some of the sectors where our solutions are currently deployed and making a difference around the clock, every day.


Mesh Networking

Peer to peer and traffic forwarding meshes offer great promise for connecting remote/detached emergency response units. Bitsink is actively involved in developing fieldable/portable communication solutions for quick response teams. These systems provide self-organizing autonomous networks that deliver IP-based communication including voice, video, and data, to help execute command and control operations.

Our work currently focuses on bridging fast-changing mesh topologies using OLSR and B.A.T.M.A.N. ADV with more stable networks to aggregate and disseminate fielded sensor data for analysis.


Targeted Email, Snail-Mail, and Social Media Marketing

Bitsink provides targeted marketing services to several amateur radio clubs in the Washington, DC area. Fusion of numerous data sources, along with the integration of best-practice email policies, and modern physical mail dispatch, gives these clubs an edge in marketing their non-profit activities and membership drives. Our solutions deliver 100% automated, long-lived, continuous campaigns complete with detailed business intelligence and lifecycle analytics.

Amateur radio has a long history of spurring scientific curiosity and experimentation, which is why we’re proud to lend a hand keeping the tradition alive.


Mode S operation

Bitsink is actively working on Mode S/ADSB simulation/integration libraries that can be used from OpenSource flight simulators like FlightGear. These libraries provide virtual mode S transceivers for simulated airframes, allowing off the shelf ADSB monitors and situational awareness tools to track simulated flights seamlessly alongside live real-world data.